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16 Jun 2014

Tasmanian World Heritage Extension Stays

24th June 2014. The UNESCO World Heritage Committee rejected the Abbott governments bid to withdraw the World Heritage extension. Not one country of the world supported the Australian government.
Some time in the coming weeks the UNESCO World Heritage Committee will be judge and jury in a bitter feud that has divided Tasmania for years. They will hear rival testimonies urging them to either withdraw 74,000 hectares from the latest Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage area listing or include the whole 120,000 hectares extension lodged by ex-environment Minister Burke in his last days in office in 2013.
Here at Inside Tasmania we realise that whatever way this goes will only set-up the next chapter in a war that will probably continue. The 3 year long Tasmanian Forests Agreement that put the World Heritage extension on the table was the result of bartering and cronyism between conservationists, loggers and the government. Millions of Australian taxdollars were wasted on the corrupt parasites that lay claim to this industry. Gunns, Ta Ann and Forestry Tasmania all got a payout after destroying hundreds of thousands of hectares of old forests and 400 year old trees. None of them understand 'sustainability' and care about it even less. Burke knew he had to get something saved after blowing so much money on these insider traders and crooks.
On the opposing side of this demented shoot-out is the Abbott Liberal government of Australia that favours and rewards economically-obsessed psychopaths. They wouldn't know the difference between a shopping mall and an ancient forest and put more value on shopping malls or even concrete parking lots than a natural landscape. They are not even 'Australian' because they only believe in 'development' which exists everywhere.
The Liberal government is an anachronism that is going to get it's butt whipped by the forces of change either in Doha or some other battle field of the future. They have really got it coming and if they want to fill the prisons with conservationists and ordinary Australians then 'bring it on'.

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