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21 Mar 2014

The Tasmanian Forests Agreement Is Dead

Some of the TFA negotiators
After 4 years and millions of tax dollars handed-out to the logging industry, the Tasmanian Forests Agreement is dead. Even before the election result was finalised and an incoming government was been sworn-in, Premier-elect Will Hodgman has dumped the Forest Agreement. Forests Industries Association of Tasmania Chief Executive Terry Edwards today left a meeting with Will Hodgman, Peter Gutwein and industry members saying the Liberals have a mandate to tear up the agreement and it is now irrelevant. Edwards has swung with the breeze on the 'forest peace deal' and always agrees with whoever is in power. During the Labor years he was happy to negotiate with the CFMEU, environment groups and the logging industry. Now the loggers are only talking to the Liberal government and have sidelined the unions and enviro groups. This going to be a real 'rubiks cube' as variables like FSC certification for Forestry Tasmania come into play within a polarised community.

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