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1 Feb 2014

How Governments Cause Devastating Bushfires In Australia

It's time to document the horrifying fact that many of Australia's worst bushfires over the past decade were caused by governments. The latest in a string of catastrophes set in train by haphazard government action or incompetence was the 'State Mine Fire' in October 2012 in NSW. This fire destroyed homes and the scenic 'Zig Zag Railway and was caused by the defence department exploding unused munitions near Lithgow NSW. The Defence Depatment has admitted they caused the fire. This fire came shortly after another blaze in September when a hazard reduction burn got out of control.

Out of control fuel reduction burns, a complete lack of reduction burns and poorly managed power line infrastructure, supposedly overseen by governments are major causes of bushfires in Australia.
Another factor that potentially turn bushfires catastrophic are the massive taxpayer-funded MIS tree plantations across much of rural Australia. With a forest canopy at the same hight for hectare after hectare and little or no undergrowth these plantations turbo-charge fires that start or enter them. The devastating Canberra Bushfires of 2003 are an example of what happens when pine plantations catch fire. These fires burned out 70% of the Australian Capital Territory and yet somebody has paid the Federal politicians to look the other way. Are they the ones rorting the MIS tax evasion schmemes?
On January 20, 2014 a bushfire started by lightning in a pine plantation at Wagga (above) destroyed 5 homes and burnt 10,000 hectares. At the very least Australian and state governments are forcing up insurance premiums, fuelling inflation and wrecking property and lives with their negligence and stupidity when it comes to managing landscapes right across the continent.

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