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29 Jan 2014

The Tasmanian Government - KordaMentha - Money Laundering

Mentha And Korda
One week after recalling parliament by order of KordaMentha,  the Tasmanian government has bought a woodchip loading facility from KordaMentha for tens of millions of dollars while the government is owed millions by the Gunns receivers.
 KordaMentha were hired by Gunns banker, ANZ who shut the company down in September 2012. A large creditor of the failed company is the Tasmanian Government. Gunns has 22,000 hectares of trees planted on government land. There are also joint a number of venture partnerships between Gunns, The Tasmanian Government and Japanese paper companies. Then there are the public works and services donated by the Tasmanian Government towards the pulp mill permit KordaMentha are trying to sell. The Tasmanian Government has never revealed how much money they are owed by the Gunns receiver. On January 28, 2014 the Tasmanian Government passed a law ordered by KordaMentha that retrospectively changes the pulp mill permit that was issued by the parliamentin 2007 that circimvents any legitamate planning body. This new law seeks to thwart a running court case against the validity of that permit. As an unsecured creditor of Gunns, how can the Tasmanian Government pass a law that enriches the secured creditors at the people's expense? Aren't they transferring publicly-owned assets and public money to the unknown entity that bought the debt from ANZ? Isn't this transfer of funds also known as 'money laundering'? KordaMentha may also have arranged the sale of the Tamar Valley Power Station to the Tasmanian Government in 2008 as a result of the collapse of Babcock and Brown. KordaMentha were the liqudators of Babcock and Brown in 2009 and may have advised the company to sell the power station to then-Premier Paul Lennon.

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