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17 Jan 2014

Time To Put KordaMentha Into Receivership

Corporate embalmers KordaMentha have grown fat on failed globalisation, government parasitism of business, ASIC's failure to regulate and the leftovers of white collar crime. KordaMentha has become so arrogant they have just manipulated the recall of a state parliament in order to allegedly pervert the course of justice. KordaMentha didn't like a pending court case that may effect an asset sale of failed logging company Gunns, so they ordered the Tasmanian Government to retrospectively change the law.

According to Premier Giddings 'the ‘doubts removal’ legislation was initially requested by Gunns’ receivers, KordaMentha. “KordaMentha wrote to me in September 2013, asking the Government to consider introducing legislation to remove any doubt as to the ongoing validity of the Pulp Mill Permit,” Ms Giddings said.
Gunns pulp mill has a sordid history of corruption, white collar crime, insider trading and the massive pollution of Australian residential areas and food supply. The pulp mill will dump 64,000 tonnes of dioxin-contaminated effluent per day into an Australian fishery. Why is KordaMentha trading on corruption, pollution and alleged theft yet pretend to be doing community work? KordaMentha know Gunns pulp mill has less hope than Holden or Ford of ever turning a profit, yet are still trying to unload this corrupt and toxic asset onto a foreign corporation or government. KordaMentha know the Aussie taxpayer will be forced to prop-up their dishonesty and couldn't give a shit. This is the behaviour of 'corporate psychopaths'. We strongly suspect KordaMentha has uncovered much more criminal activity than they have revealed while doing 'forensic' accountancy on the books of companies run by white collar criminals. Companies like Gunns Ltd. Why hasn't ASIC ever investigated the forensic information allegedly routinely covered-up by KordaMentha?
If the entire Australian economy was to go into receivership then the 'last man standing' would be KordaMentha right? If they have a 'duty' to operate profitably then destroying the Australian economy is in KordaMentha's interest. Prove us wrong?
UPDATE. KordaMentha corruptly used a publicly funded inquiry into Tasmanian tree plantations chaired by Martin Ferguson to help them sell the pulp mill permit. The dates match with KordaMentha's request to Premier Giddings. This shows KordaMentha have adopted the same method of diverting public money into private bank accounts as the corrupt company Gunns. This appears to identify KordaMentha as 'corporate psychopaths'.
Highly recommended article on the KordaMentha method of corporate theft and common larceny. 
Read how KordaMentha nearly always operates with PPB Advisory to steal the assets of Australian citizens. 

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