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9 Jan 2014

Martin Gilmour - Whistle Blower Or Lickspittle?

Liberal Stooge Gilmour

Launceston Examiner editor Martin Gilmour has been with the newspaper for 35 years. That means he worked for ex-chairman of Gunns and Examiner owner Edmund Rouse. Rouse tried to bribe a member of parliament in order to keep Robin Gray's Liberal government in power. Robin Gray was also an ex-Gunns board member. Since 2010 Gilmour has been openly campaigning for a Liberal state government and promoting Gunns and their pulp mill concept.

Martin Gilmour spent years championing another ex-Gunns chairman and white collar criminal John Gay. The constants in Gilmours 35 year span at the Examiner have been the Liberal Party, Gunns and corruption. So what's changed for Martin Gilmour in that time? He continues to peddle the same biased, anti-Tasmanian propaganda since becoming editor in 2010. Why would promoting the Liberal Party be 'anti-Tasmanian' you ask? Legacy Liberal policies that were continued by the Labor Party such as MIS tax exemptions for tree farming (developed by Erich Abetz) have crippled the economy of Northern Tasmania. This is a pattern observed throughout the world where land locked-up by tree plantations generates no employment for decades. 

Gilmour obviously has no concept of economics and is hampered by a pathetic Tasmanian education. One of the more gutless aspects of Martin Gilmour is he refers to himself as a 'whistle blower'. Nothing could be further from the truth. Gilmour and the Examiner have covered-up corruption for years and he should not even call himself a journalist. If anyone knew Gunns was trading while insolvent and John Gay was a 'white collar criminal' then surely it would have been Liberal 'insider' Martin Gilmour? 

Why has Tasmania got the lowest standards of living, education, health, life expectancy and wages in Australia and what has Martin Gilmour done about it during his 35 years in Tasmanian media? If you think we are being too tough on Gilmour take a look at some of his work where he blames the Greens for the bankruptcy of Gunns. Gunns had debts of $3billion and was run by convicted white collar criminals and yet Gilmour is devious and arrogant enough to blame somebody else for their debt-driven implosion. Changing government in Tasmania with another party of corrupt imbeciles will not improve anything. Look how Abbott has been rendered impotent by Indonesia? Hodgman will be worse. The Liberals are a false hope for Tasmania. Tasmanians have a right to be informed by unbiased, credible media. Instead we are assaulted by the same old biased, pro-Gunns, pro-Liberal propaganda spewed out by Martin Gilmour. Fairfax Media should sack Martin Gilmour and replace him with a non-aligned, objective journalist.


Anonymous said...

15th September...lol....he has just resigned from the Examiner and announced he is working for
the new Tasmanian Liberal Premier.

Anonymous said...

I always joked that Fairfax must be paying Gilmour a whopping bonus for his pro Liberal editorship. Now I am not surprised that he is on the government payroll as an adviser to the Premier. This seems to be an unreasonable appointment when the government is seeking to reduce the number of govt employees and to freeze the salary of those remaining. I'm pretty sure several will have to be sacked to offset his salary.
I have been an Examiner home delivery customer for over 40 years. I haven't cancelled because of the bit of local interest news it contains and the crosswords...and it is useful to wrap up rubbish. The way the size of the paper as reduced over the years, I suspect it will fold within a few years. Long live the ABC!

Anonymous said...

I love the fact that now the examiner has to sell its building and move....
Shows how well previous GM Phil Leerson (now at Australian Maritime College...god help them) and stooge Gilmour ran the show