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8 Jul 2013

No Tender Process For Paul Lennon Consultancy Role

From Mat Denholm in the Australian July 6 2013.
Where else in the developed world does a state government 'donate' $1.6 million worth of public land to a council to turn into a $300 million housing development with no public tender process for the main consultant? Brighton Mayor Tony Foster confirmed that Paul Lennon's company Paramul P/L had been granted the consultancy without it being offered for public tender. Lennon has said he expects to make $20-30 thousand a year for 5 to 8 years. That's a lot more than the $100,000 threshold before government contracts must be advertised for tender. The council appears to be splitting a big contract into smaller chunks to avoid a tender process. This is something Tasmanian councils do regularly and get away with. Why wouldn't they if the Minister for Local Government is Bryan Green, the man never found innocent of criminal charges?

IT covered this story here.

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