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2 May 2013

Why Is Australia Supporting Organised Crime, Tax Evasion And Vote-Rigging In Malaysia?

The Gillard governments ongoing support for rampant corruption in Malaysia is a national disgrace. From bribing corrupt officials in the Securency bank notes scandal by the Reserve Bank of Australia to defending the Taib Cartel controlled company Ta Ann, The Gillard government is enabling organised crime in Malaysia.
The Australian government has known for a long time the Najib Razak Malaysian government is totally corrupt. In September 2011 the Gillard government and Foreign Affairs Minister Rudd were alerted to the Taib cartel from Sarawak using Australia to launder money. That correspondence from the Bruno Manser Fund is here:  Australian Foreign Affairs replied "Australia takes its responsibilities under the UN Convention against Corruption and the UN Convention against Transnational Organised Crime seriously". So seriously in fact that PM Gillard, Minister Burke, Minister Combet, Minister Ludwig, Simon Crean and Sid Sidebottom all came out to publicly defend Ta Ann in the Australian media.  The Taib cartel now uses those statements to legitimise it's organised crime and money laundering. The truth is Ta Ann is controlled by Taib's cousin and are only in Tasmania after logging 95% of Sarawak.
Australia has done nothing to ensure this weekends elections in Malaysia are fair and honest. Sarawak is rife with vote-buying as Taib tries to secure his 39th year in Malaysia's parliament and keep billions of stolen dollars flowing into the offshore accounts of his family and cronies. We are sure Gillards obsession with using Malaysia to process refugees has something to do with Australia's protection of corruption in that country
Pictures. Top left - Ludwig and Adams, Centre - Australian Ambassador to Malaysia Miles Kupa and Sarawak criminal Taib Mahmud. Right - Environment Minister Burke.

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