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1 May 2013

Forest Peace Deal Crawls Into Law

The Tasmanian Forest Agreement Bill crawled into legislation at 7pm last night. The voting was 13-11 along party lines with a symbolic floor crossing by Kim Booth. The convoluted and much argued over legislation essentially says that if the government doesn't get FSC certification in 18 months time then it can trash about 300,000 hectares of native forest. It also insists that if any groups protest over how the government, through Forestry Tasmania is managing public forests then they will be punished by seeing the 300,000 hectares logged.
The fact these petulant ultimatums are totally against Forest Stewardship Council standards is beyond our hapless legislators.
The pragmatic 'Slick Nick' and his 'missus' Cassy realise that without the Labor unionist thugs they are nothing. The Greens are no longer an independent voice but are now a Labor appendage. Watching the Wilderness Society and Environment Tasmania try to shut-down the rest of the Tasmanian environment movement is really going to be hilarious.

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