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18 Dec 2012

Donate To The Salvation Army Pedophile Tree

Let's see them take this down?
'Salvation army or salivating army'?
The Salvation Army always want your donations but did you know some of it goes to pay compensation to the victims of their own pedophile rings? 'In 2006, the Salvation Army secretly paid more than $1.5 million in compensation to more than 50 victims who were beaten, raped and tortured from the 1950s to 1970s by the Salvation Army.'
This is more of the same church and state institutional abuse of children in care that has occurred over decades in Australia.
It's probably still happening today. The end of 2012 has seen the great moral collapse of our social institutions. Why would you support this weird 'army' or donate to perpetuate their delusional belief system?
The government has played a big role in fostering and protecting pedophile rings. After all, the government has made it illegal to vilify religious pedophiles and they also make them tax-deductible. Check this out?
'Long-time supporter of the Appeal, Prime Minister Julia Gillard has said: “I am honoured to lend my support to the Salvation Army and Kmart Wishing Tree Appeal'. A well-known Sydney radio announcer is also a supporter of the wishing tree. The fact is there are many Australians who will not be having a happy christmas this year and who are living in constant pain as a result of abuse from these religious nutjobs. These are the same people that stole the stolen generation and forced young girls to give-up their babies. It's time that people fought back and refused to let these pedophile organisations get away with their fake spirituality. Jesus Christ isn't coming back ever and this delusional belief system must be exposed before they kill any more innocent Australians.

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Richard Barton said...

The norm in Australia appears to be the institutional abuse of the vulnerable.

Sexual abuse in the military where abusers are still active, abuse in State care (e.g. prostitution of 12 yr old girl in Tas coupled with cover up of abusers bar one), abuse of aborigines who live in primitive conditions, abuse of the elderly in various institutions, abuse of mental patients, abuse by the clergy, abuse of desperate refugees...the list is extensive.

In fact, Australian governments appear to have the characteristics of a psychopath - no feelings for the pain of others.