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Nine Entertainment, News Ltd and Seven West Media are using your subscriptions to turn Australia into a corrupt, debt-ravaged failed state. Their biased reporters are even covering-up sex crimes inside Australia's Parliament House. Paywall media charge you to see ads while Google charge you not to see ads. Paywall media also give you sanitized news. Why is TV free when the costs are higher than online media? This is scammer media upholding scammer government.

22 Nov 2012

They Only Signed For The Money

Not popular.  Labor try to save face.
Cynical? Yes. In a state where the majority of the population lives on taxpayers funds, everything revolves around getting tax-dollars onto the welfare-dependent island of Tasmania. Unable to manage his own portfolio and after losing the last state election, Bryan Green and his hapless Labor Party cooked-up a scheme to put lipstick on the pig of the corrupt logging industry. The Greens were their eager collaborators as Bartlett and McKim chose 'negotiators' to help Bryan decide what to do with the forests his party has mismanaged for 14 years. After two and a half years of convoluted manoeuvring and massive payouts to the perpetrators of Tasmania's forest destruction, Gunns and FT, the talks broke down. But wait a minute? There's still $100 million tax dollars on the table, the talks can't break down. So they signed one way or another. We know the industry has put tight controls on the enviros. If they keep campaigning they will not get another 100,000 hectares into reserves. It's always been about threatening the enviros using trees and bribing the industry with handouts. Rather than use the world standard FSC forest management system these fools tried to re-invent the wheel. We don't care how it ends-up because we know they are already hopelessly tangled in their own web of deceit, spin and justification. At least Miranda Gibson can come down from that tree.

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