19 Nov 2012

The 'Unabel Tasman' Gets The Boot

Unabel to rip-off Australian fishermen
Environment Minister Burke finally did something for the environment. He banned the 'Unabel Tasman' for 2 years. I'm sure if public pressure wasn't applied Burke would have gone the way of the Liberal Party and let them remove millions of dollars of fish stocks for 20 or so jobs. What's wrong with the Liberal Party and particularly Senator Colbeck? His media release mumbles about 'politics winning over science' but what's 'scientific' about giving away fish in a time of global economic crisis? I thought the Libs were supposed to be 'ultra nationalist' or something. Instead they are just a bunch of giggling adolescents with no understanding of the 'live and let die' reality of 21st century planet earth. They support the Israelis slaughtering Palestinians but then want to give away our fish to people that mean nothing to Australia WTF? The Liberals have no idea and no policy.

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