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16 Apr 2012

The Launceston Examiner Should Be Published In Melbourne

Examiner - 7 years flogging a dead horse.
Why should an insignificant town with no head offices and a stagnant economy have it's own newspaper? The Examiner has failed to keep Launceston educated and informed. Instead they have spent 7 years promoting a taxpayer-dependent pulp mill. The Examiner has covered-up corruption in Tasmania yet editor Martin Gilmour has the arrogance to call himself a 'whistleblower'. As well as promoting Gunns pulp mill, the Examiner nurtures the inept and incompetent Liberal leader Will Hodgman as an alternative premier. The Examiner has succeeded in keeping Tasmania in the 19th century. They know the world hardwood pulp market is declining by 6% a year and that Brazil, China and Uruguay can make the same product at a fraction of the cost. Has the Examiner asked Tasmanians to take a 75% pay cut so Gunns can compete with 3rd World countries? Of course not. The Examiner just wastes paper promoting unrealistic industrial projects, year in year out. The Launceston Examiner has lost the right to call itself a news medium. They have covered-up corruption in Tasmania for too long. They are based in an insignificant town with no head offices and no business opportunities and they are responsible for causing it. Why hasn't the economic blowtorch been applied to the comfortable time-wasters and kiddie journalists at the Examiner? Fairfax Media needs to bite the bullet and produce the Launceston Examiner in Melbourne.

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