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19 Apr 2012

Integrity Commission Acting CEO Was Sacked By The Queensland Crime And Misconduct Commission

Meet Russell Pearce - a man with a past.
The Integrity Commission's last CEO, Barbara Etter resigned and is suing the Tasmanian Government. Now its been revealed the acting CEO Russell Pearce was sacked by the Queensland Crime and Misconduct Commission two years ago and the reason has never been revealed. We do know Pearce was directing the investigation into the police killing of Aboriginal man Cameron Doomadgee on Palm Island in 2004.
Pearce's sacking ended a 17 year career with the Queensland CMC. Russell Pearce may or may not live in Tasmania and could be a 'fly in fly out' operator. His board membership of  RSL Care  claims he is a "Lieutenant Colonel in the Australian Army Reserve, serves as a legal officer on the Headquarters 1st Division, Enoggera. He is the panel leader for the Australian Army Legal Corps in South Queensland." That was from December 2011. It goes on "Russell served with the US led Law and Order Task Force in Iraq in 2007-8, where he was charged with reestablishing the Iraq court system and investigating high-level public sector corruption." He was awarded the US Bronze Star Medal as a result. If the US-led invasion was illegal then how could Pearce be investigating corruption there? Pearce seems to have a fascination with weapons and the military. Somehow he knew exactly how many tasers were in Tasmania. Pearce admitted to the Hobart Mercury that the Integrity Commission is a toothless tiger. "To embark on an investigation where there is an inability to thoroughly explore matters would be unfair to all affected ... and would be be an unjustifiable use of the Commission's resources," Astonishing that a Lieutenant Colonel and experienced corruption fighter doesn't mind getting paid by a totally ineffective body that is little more than political window dressing for yet another corrupt Labor government.


Anonymous said...

That's gold! He was sacked from the CMC for leaking info to the media about the "covert" investigation he was supposed to be running. Although, this sacking is nothing more than a paid holiday. He got a FULL PAYOUT for the rest of the term of his contract.

Unknown said...

I for one....am ready to step into the role !