16 Mar 2015

Hutchins School Honours Alleged Protector Of Paedophile Ring

Ex-Hutchins headmaster John Bednall remains the subject of a WA suppression order as of July 30 2015.
Eric Abetz's children attended Calvin Christian School another Tasmanian  alleged 'paedophile school' at about the same time as these alleged offenses occurred.
It's significant that the latest incarnation of the 'Dutch Reformed Church' now calling itself the 'Christian Reformed Church' has been embroiled in paedophilia. There are some very prominent Liberal politicians involved in this extreme 'sect'.

The photo below was taken by a victim of the paedophile ring at Hutchins after a Royal Commission hearing in November 2014.
The 'John Bednall Centre for Learning Support' is part of the 'John Bednall Centre for Excellence' at Hutchins School. So who is John Bednall? He was headmaster at Hutchins between 1987 and 1996. Bednall told the Royal Commission he did not interview any students or teachers over paedophilia claims made against former headmaster John Lawrence dating from the 1960's. According to evidence given up to 8 paedophiles were operating at Hutchins during Lawrence's tenure as headmaster.  

In 2002 John Bednall was charged with accessing 'hundreds' of child pornography websites while working at the premier Perth WA school Wesley College. Bednall claimed he visited a Russian 'Boy Scout' website 338 times in one week in order to understand the 'emotional development' of boys.
The charges were subsequently dropped by WA police in 2004.

We understand Bednall is the subject of a 'suppression order' from a Western Australian court. 

Why did Tasmanian Premier Will Hodgman's father Michael Hodgman fail to act on the Hutchins paedophiles? Did other high-profile politicians know about the Hutchins paedophiles?
Will Hutchins rename their 'Centre for Learning Excellence' or are they happy with the role they are playing in destroying the lives of young Tasmanians?


Anonymous said...

Any further news?

Observer said...

No new information on this yet. WA is pretty suss when it comes to dealing with these people. Fairfax media published an image of a convicted pedophile but not his name. The law works in weird ways?

Anonymous said...

PLEASE keep us informed.