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13 Mar 2015

English Prime Minister of Australia Impressed By Raw Onion

Why would you invite idiot Abbott to a BBQ when he doesn't need to cook his food?
"Better than any other onions I've eaten in a long time," Abbott told fellow Liberal stooges including an incredulous looking Premier Hodgman and the idiotic '3 Amigoes' of Whitely, Hutchinson and Nikolic.
'Abbott was touring Charlton Farm Produce near Devonport in Tasmania on Friday when all of a sudden, he picked up the onion and ate it skin-on merely commenting that it was delicious and not shedding a single tear.' (SMH reports)
We believe Tony Abbott is so disconnected from reality that he doesn't know what an onion is. It's something we Australians grow to earn a living and cook to eat with other foods to stay healthy so we can earn a living. Abbott would not have a clue what 'earn a living' means. He is just a foreign parasite in this country.
The subservient Murdoch-controlled Hobart Mercury published the raw onion-eating story but censored all anti-Abbott comments.

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