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5 Nov 2021

Pentecostal Fascist Takes Coal Seam Gas Company To COP26

Morrison Unconvinced He Doesn't Lie

You know your country is in trouble when it's leader informs the media he doesn't 'believe' he has told lies. Check the comments on this non-news story? What a joke Australia is now?

If you look at what Morrison does believe, it's no wonder he's had to put truth into his belief system.

He should have got Pill Gaetjens to carry out a 3 year investigation into whether he does tell lies. Of course the investigation would never report back but by then the Australian people will have thrown the incompetent fool out of office.




Morrison and energy minister Angus 'Goofy' Taylor thought COP26 was a fossil fuel show so they turned-up with coal seam gas outfit Santos. Notice Scumo didn't take the environment minister or a climate change minister? (they don't have one) Morrison took the the minister for 'Industry, Energy and Emissions Reduction' which is LiberalSpeak for contradictory corruption. Morrison's position at COP26 was classic Pentecostal fascism. He's dumped onto our children's children.

Australia's Blah,blah,blah exhibit at Glasgow

"Look at the Australian stand - you've got a gas company highlighted apparently at the insistence of the energy minister, who thinks that our energy policy should be all about burning gas," Turnbull told reporters. 

Fossil fuel giant Santos will be paid by the Australian taxpayer to capture and bury carbon. The Liberals have been banging-on about this bull$hit for decades and it hasn't worked so far.

That's  the wrap-up of COP26. As we predicted Morrison went to Glasgow just to burn carbon and also because he was ordered to go by Prince Charles.

Let's put two climate psychopaths next to each other?







Destroying the Earths ecology and climate is so hilarious.

Yes we are having a great time destroying the planet for future generations.




Barnyard Joyce Running The Asylum Again

Barnyard Joyce is acting PM again! Scumo had barely jetted-out as Barnyard told the nation ‘Go grab a rifle the only way to meet methane reduction targets is to start shooting cattle'. Great to see Barnyard's unhinged commitment to lowering methane.

Today he backed-in 'Clumsy' Morrison with 'We didn’t steal an island; we didn’t deface the Eiffel Tower'. Wrong. Joyce works for a regime that stole the entire island continent of Australia from it's indigenous owners. Australia's Constitution was an act of British parliament. They have given Joyce a soapbox for his PM impersonations and a trough that stretches as far as the eye can see. If anyone knows how to deface anything anywhere it's Aussies. The Eiffel Tower hasn't been exposed to enough Australians.

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