3 Sept 2021

Shane Dowling Jailed For Contempt of Court Arrest Warrant Issued

Shane Dowling publisher of Kangaroo Court of Australia has been sentenced to 10 months behind bars for contempt of court. Justice Rees found "he committed contempt as charged in Seven Network (Operations) Ltd v Dowling [2021] NSWSC 726." She noted he bears considerable 'animus' towards various people including Kerry Stokes. 

Our understanding is Seven Network failed to prove Dowling owned sites they claim published information they wanted to cover-up.

From the Illawarra Mercury

It appears the court found Dowling published names of people suppressed by the court. Shane Dowling represented himself. We would be very interested in what the court regarded as proof for this 'offense'.

COVID Rife In The NSW Prison System

Given the current Covid-19 outbreak in the NSW prison system, this could be a death sentence for Shane Dowling. At the very least the LNP-Big Media crime cartel will have Dowling out of the way until after Morrison is re-elected next year.
Incredibly, the NSW prison system is prepared to release 1000 prisoners if the COVID outbreak gets worse. You could predict the extremist NSW government will release rapists and armed robbers before they release Dowling.

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