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18 Jun 2021

Political Response Times Of The NSW Police


The story so far

YouTube channel 'friendlyjordies' satirizes and mocks Australian culture, politicians and the media. The team has made some videos on hapless National Party deputy premier of NSW Giovanni Barilaro. Barilaro likes to be called 'Pork Barilaro' but we predict that will change when the defamation proceedings Barilaro instituted against friendlyjordies go to court.

Friendlyjordies did some great work mocking Barilaro. This video is possibly what got Giovanni so mad.   ↓↓↓   


Stupidly, Barilaro used Airbnb to rent a 3 mansion estate to the YouTube comedian. This video appears to have really gotten under Barilaro's skin. He took time off for mental health reasons, the new normal for conservative politicians. We suspect Barilaro was given NSW police commissioner Mick Fullers personal phone number. 

After Barilaro (Italian for barrel) sued Jordan Shanks (friendlyjordies) for defamation, using the same lawyer as an Angus Taylor defamation (yawn), Jordan's employee Kristo made two attempts to ask Barilaro why he was suing. 

This apparently caused a Barilaro melt-down and a 911 call to Mick Fuller. We are not sure if this is exactly how it went, but PM Scott Morrison does use Mick's number regularly to get some Liberal minister out of whatever stupid shit they got themselves into. The Canberra Liberals are incredibly stupid people but apparently not as dumb as the state Nationals. 

NSW Police used the 'Fixated Persons-Counter Terrorism-Tactical Response Unit' to arrest a comedian?

Overkill or what? Is that what poor Mick Fuller has to do to keep the deputy premier from feeling insecure and unloved? With a non-existent majority,  Berejiklian can't afford to lose a single loose cannon.

No way is Friendlyjordies 'fixated' on Barilaro. They are simply exposing corruption in the dysfunctional NSW government. We understand 'fixated' is a psychological term so how can the member for Monaro do a psychological assessment when he failed to finish TAFE? Did anyone at NSW Police do a psychological assessment of friendlyjordies or Pork Barilaro?

Below is the Kristo arrest video. Barilaro has started something that is bigger than he is. (BTW, do you think Barilaro is taller than Putin?)


This video ↑↑↑ is nearly 1 million views with thousands of comments and many donations to the legal fund.

Normally only Scott Morrison can report an issue directly to Mick Fuller. They were next door neighbors and Morrison would bring Mick's bins in from the road. They both said this really happened, but when it looked like nepotism they said it was just a joke. So Morrison and Fuller can be comedians sometimes but full-time comedians are arrested and charged by the brutal Berejiklian version of the Armenian Police State? Lets get Australia back to being Australia?

Remember Scott's dad was a cop and you can be sure Scott knows how to pull strings in NSW police.


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