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29 Dec 2019

Has China Caused Australia's Worst Drought Using Weather Modification?

Government made snow

10 years ago China had 37,000 people involved in weather modification.
They overdosed Beijing with silver iodide to make snow during a drought. China is also involved in high frequency electronic weather modification but that is covered-up by the Maoist dictatorship.
China is implementing cloud seeding from the Tibetan Plateau on a massive scale.
This is not a joke. China modified the weather for the Beijing Olympics in 2008 and they would be much more advanced today.

We know China hacked the Bureau of Meteorology but what about their covert weather operations? They are very likely to be modifying weather in the Southern Hemisphere for military purposes.

What are the biggest sleepwalkers in Australian history doing about the drought? The Liberal Party are praying for rain. The Morrison thumb-suckers even got a Chinese communist operative elected to Australia's parliament using posters designed to deceive. Morrisons Liberals claim to be at war with trade unions while embracing totalitarian Maoists. This disconnect is too serious to let pass.

Inside Tasmania is shocked at how many Liberals believe a Chinese takeover of the World economy is inevitable. It ain't going to happen. China will crash 1,000 times harder than the USSR and it will take-down the Australian economy with it. We have decades of Liberal PMs to thank for that.

Liberals never want you to remember their mistakes. In 2016 government-owned Hydro Tasmania carried out cloud seeding over the Derwent River catchment the day before a major flood that killed people.
Of course Hydro Tasmania never did explain why they did it. It's time to cut Liberal voters from your 'friends' list.

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