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20 Oct 2019

Scott Morrison's Severe Drought

Still Feelin It - The Morrison Drought Update
Scott Morrison told Sky News 'But most importantly the people who are experiencing it [are] feeling it.'
Classic Morrison.
He went on 'What matters is not how we feel but what we do'.
One of the things the Morrison government are doing is hiring a $190,000 'empathy consultant'.

Morrison told a Liberal conference that drought 'is the biggest call on the budget because it is the most pressing'.
Morrison has banned himself from saying those dreadful words 'climate change' because that exposes him as a half wit who is actively causing the 'most pressing' problem Australia has.

So he's destined to yabber on about how bad the drought is, but don't rainfall statistics feed directly into climate models that clearly define human induced climatic changes? So wouldn't Scott Morrisons really bad drought be climate change spelled backwards?

No doubt about it Scott Morrison is the archetypal manipulative Liberal half-wit. 

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