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23 Aug 2019

The Institute Of Foresters Australia Are Converting Melbourne's Water Supply Into Toilet Paper

From Environment East Gippsland

We know all state government logging in Australia is controlled by the quasi-academic 'Institute of Foresters Australia'.
Today we learn they are logging Melbourne's most important water catchment.
Most of the timber goes to Chinese pulp mills to supply the out of control Asian toilet paper market. Supplying an unlimited Chinese population is what the Institute of Foresters specialise in. 

Logging is causing Melbourne’s main catchment area to miss out on about 15bn litres of water each year, equivalent to the amount used by 250,000 people, a peer-reviewed study has found.
If logging in Victoria’s Thomson catchment continues as planned, that number would increase to 600,000 Melburnians by 2060, according to the research from the Australian National University.
The researchers said logging in the catchment made little economic sense given the water lost was worth far more than the timber, most of which is used to make paper.

The Thomson catchment, to the city’s north-east, is Melbourne’s most important, feeding a reservoir that makes up nearly 60% of the city’s water storage capacity. It is currently about half full. Melbourne’s total water storages were 56% full on Thursday, down from about 80% five years ago.
The study, published in the journal Science of the Total Environment, looked at how much old-growth mountain ash forest in the catchment remained intact, how much had been lost to bushfire, how much had been logged and how much was scheduled to be logged.
It found 42% of the forest has been felled by the timber industry and there were plans to log another 21%.
Chris Taylor, a landscape scientist and mapping specialist from ANU’s Fenner school of environment and society, said logging reduced flows into reservoirs as regrowing forests required more water than established forests. Melbourne’s water yields in 2017-18 were 16% below the average for the past 30 years and about a third lower than the average for most of last century.

An earlier ANU economic assessment found the value of the water was more than 25 times greater than the value of the timber and pulp from the catchment.

Take away message.
The planet is on an accelerating trajectory to total collapse, not just environmental but also economic and social. We all need to call-out corrupt organisations such as the Institute of Foresters of Australia for the active role they play in the degradation of life on Earth. 

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