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19 Jul 2019

Blind Allegiance To Unsustainable Asian Populations Is Destroying Australia

Ever wondered why the 'Great Pacific Garbage Patch' is in the North Pacific but not in the South Pacific, North or South Atlantic or the Indian Ocean?

population cartogram 2018

The reason is Asia. The Asian population explosion is slowly but surely destroying the planet. It's happening everywhere, the weather, mass extinctions, ecological destruction, over fishing and over timber harvesting. And nobody is doing anything about it, including Australia's 'costume christian' Scott Morrison.
ScuMo has decided to keep feeding the monster. As a result, Australia is now economically controlled by China. Lifetime dictator Xi Jinping has used trade imbalances and debt to manipulate Australia's economy. He also uses agents like the entire Australian Liberal-National Parties. (China would have Labor as a back-up)

Try to break your dependence on imported Chinese consumer goods, especially electronics. Totalitarian Chinese manufactured product is often rubbish and is the result of human rights violations and the worst forms of 'crony capitalism'.

Morrison wants us to buy more Chinese products because that keeps the iron ore price high. (as if iron miners pay tax) Because Scott Morrison has never known what ethics and integrity are, he actually represents the interests of totalitarian China which he pretends are the same as the interests of Australia. He is wrong.

The Australian Government is $700 billion dollars in debt. Like all bankrupts, the smartest thing you can do is minimise your exposure to them. They have an incomprehensible tax system but will use any broken rules to smash their opponents while they grovel at the public trough.

The Federal Government are a dysfunctional rabble, controlled by ideologues who pretend to be 'representative' while exploiting a perverse and broken system. Many of them are not even Australians and were not elected democratically. They are products of the disproportional Senate scam and the systematic brainwashing of low IQ Australians.

Prime Minister ScuMo declared Tasmania is 'the battery of the nation'.
Why should Australia's poorest state be the battery for a whole continent as well as supplying wood chips to make toilet paper for literally billions of Asians? If Asians can't keep themselves in toilet paper why are they breeding like rabbits? Did ScuMo ask Tasmanians if they wanted to be a battery? He didn't. 

Most Tasmanians can't afford electric heating and have to use firewood. Why are we being ripped-off by Morrison and why do we need so much more renewable energy capacity when we already had a 100% renewable hydro electricity supply? No, people had to get solar panels so they had double renewable electricity because they couldn't afford the 'cheap' hydro electricity created by their forefathers. Now we are told we need more wind farms but who are the real beneficiaries? Certainly not Tasmania or even the Federal Government. Australians now have to run miles just to stay ahead of the creeping climate-changing Asian hordes.

China has been hacking Australian government computers for years. BoM, ANU, Census and Statistics and even Parliament House Canberra. The reason they do this is population expansionism. That's why they have got Australia in a debt spiral using dumb local politicians as their agents.

India is catching-up to China's obscene population and are also expanding into Australia and anywhere else they can. The LNP's India double-agents want Adani to manage groundwater in Queensland when major Indian cities of millions of people have run out of water completely. That's how corrupt and dumb Australian politicians are.

Ever wondered why you always pay for fuel from an Indian in Australia? It's because fuel retail is a closed shop and Indians are employed as a block - a block of unlimited size.
Joyce claimed he didn't know Angus Taylor

Fact. Australian politicians are not on your side if you are an Australian. They support unlimited and open-ended population explosions which puts them on a collision course with the national interest. They constantly use Australians to subsidise obscene population explosions in Asia.

Many so-called 'conservative' Australian politicians are dangerous psychopaths, deeply involved in graft, bribery, cronyism and tax evasion. Mathias Conman, Barnaby Joyce and Angus Taylor have all been implicated in corruption, yet 'costume christian' Scott Morrison fosters and protects them.
Above right. Photos taken in August 2015. In April 2019 Joyce claimed he  'wouldn’t have known Taylor if he stood up in my Corn Flakes'

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