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29 May 2019

Australians Wanted A Climate Change Alternative That Labor Couldn't Deliver

The May 18 Federal election was being called the 'climate change election'. With Clive Palmer and all of the conservatives campaigning on a platform of coal mining, people looked to Labor to provide an alternative. Sadly it wasn't there.

Incredibly, the Labor half-wits have still not clicked they could have been an alternative government.

These idiots deserve a long time in opposition.

There are no points for cloning the policy of the other major party.

As a result our intelligence's are insulted by the appointment of Warren Stench as 'Great Barrier Reef Envoy' for plastics not climate change.

I heard Stench on NewsRadio refusing to link climate change with the death of the reef many times in one short interview.
Stench, like most Liberals has corruption history
but corruption is mandatory in the Liberal Party. Look at Sinodinos, Mathias Conman and Angus Taylor to name a few.

Right - Warren Stench the Great Barrier Reef Envoy responsible for destroying the largest living structure on the planet.

Warren's handler ScuMo smirks in the background.

Labor could have saved Australia from this garbage but were too retarded.

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