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15 Aug 2017

We Called Australia's Contstitution A 'Trojan Horse'. Were We Right?

Two years ago Inside Tasmania called the Australian Constitution a 'trojan horse'.
Of course, we were ignored because the nutjobs running Australia prefer delusion to reality. They will keep swearing allegiance to the Tooth Fairy until the Easter Bunny delivers us to salvation.

We said of the Constitution 'Its so deeply flawed you could regard it as a 'trojan horse' document designed to cripple Australia economically.'
It certainly looks like a trojan horse now, with section 44 of the Constitution impacting the deputy PM and further undermining the Turnbull government. The big problem with the Constitution is it is a horse and cart-era document. The Constitution sets-up a quasi-democracy because it insists on a non-proportional senate vote. (12 senators per state regardless of population)
The Constitution even has the ultimate 'trojan horse' clause written into it. It can only be modified by majorities in both houses and a national referendum. As time goes on, that becomes harder, if not impossible to achieve.
In reality, only Aborigines are actually Australian citizens, but the racist Constitution fails to even mention them. (her majesty the Tooth Fairy loves genocide but we won't go there today).

One place the all-male draftsmen of the Constitution got it totally wrong was the fact Britain and it's 'colonies' were treated differently to other countries. Once, a passport was not required to travel between Australia and New Zealand, but now NZ and Britain are regarded as foreign countries. So our head of state lives in a foreign country but this is Australia were everything is left to fester for centuries. Because NZ have their own version of the idiotic 'Westminster System', their citizenship is not renounced automatically by Australian citizenship.

Makes you wonder how many previous or historical breaches there have been of section 44? Imagine if past politicians or their estates had to repay money fraudulently obtained by dual citizens from the Commonwealth of Australia?
Look at how they drag welfare cheats to the Federal Court but now it's come back to haunt the government. Just like the tax act and the monarchy are doing irreparable damage to the still fledgling nation of Australia.

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