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12 Jul 2017

Malaysia's Corrupt PM Najib Shows How Not To Use The Internet

It's no secret Malaysia's PM Razak Najib is addicted to stealing other people's money. The IMDB money laundering scandal is testament to that. But like a cornered rat, Najib fought back and tried to use the net to attack one of the individuals who exposed his corruption.

Najib and Taib - two of the most corrupt men in Asia if not the World

In a ham-fisted attempt to save his butt, Najib's cronies set-up a fake anti-corruption blogsite. The site's real purpose appears to be to discredit the editor of Sarawak Report, Sarawak-born journalist Clare Rewcastle-Brown.
Najib's crooks left some obvious signs on this fake website. It has only been up for a few months and has been puffed-out with filler articles plagiarised from other sites. The only individual mentioned by name is Ms Rewcastle-Brown. If this really was an anti-corruption site then surely it would be publishing stories about Najib and his gang of thieves? But don't hold your breath. We guarantee any comments referring to Malaysia and Najib will never see the light of day.
In a way this is to be expected from a lowlife such as Najib. It also alerts the anti-corruption community to watch out for this type of fake reporting.

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