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18 Jan 2017

Ship Carrying Cocaine Was Headed To Tasmania

More details of the December 12, 2016 arrest of the Kaiyo Maru No.8 carrying 186 kgs of cocaine off the coast of Tasmania have been revealed.

Police have now broken an alleged cocaine importation syndicate based in Melbourne. Police had monitored the syndicate for about a year. It appears the syndicate were using the 'mothership' method of importing drugs, relying on a smaller vessel such as a fishing boat to bring the drugs ashore.

The Kaiyo Maru No.8 had been fitted with long range fuel tanks. After travelling down the WA coast the vessel headed for Tasmania. Something went wrong off the Tasmanian coast with the rendezvous boat failing to arrive.
After about 2 weeks of waiting the Kaiyo Maru No.8 then changed course, travelling south of New Zealand. This is when the Australian authorities pounced. The arrest took place in international waters. There are still important pieces of this jigsaw puzzle that are missing.
(Images from Fairfax Media)
Ultra-Dumb Tasmanian Legal System Tries To Silence The Chinese Nationals Story
Feb 3 and we learn that the idiotic Tasmanian legal system has prevented one of the accused Cheng Gang Wang from communicating with his lawyer because they can't afford $390 for an interpreter. Read about it in the Examiner.

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