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15 Dec 2016

Duterte Admits He Is An Addict - As We Predicted

Back in October 2016 Inside Tasmania made the bold prediction that Philippines president Rodrigo Duterte is a drug addict.
Now Duterte has admitted to not only abusing the opioid fentanyl but also murdering people on the streets of Davao in order to encourage the police to shoot more people. 
"The 72-year-old former provincial mayor, whose crackdown on illegal drugs has left almost 6000 people dead, admitted over-using an addictive pain-killing drug to relieve pain. Mr Duterte told a business forum in the presidential palace that he started taking the opioid analgesic drug fentanyl, which is usually prescribed for cancer patients, despite never being diagnosed with cancer. "
Now we know Duterte was sexually abused by a priest, is a drug addict and has committed murder. So why was he elected president of the Philippines? The fact is any electorate is made up of a majority of people with only average intelligence and they will consistently elect poor leaders.
This controversial mathematical modelling is one of the most uncomfortable truths of our age. It has also put the human race on a trajectory to annihilation.

Inside Tasmania supports current vice president Leni Robredo (right) to replace Duterte as Philippines president. Robredo is a human rights lawyer and she always seems to be smiling. We are sure she would be much better for the Philippines than the mentally unstable murderer, drug addict and sexual abuse victim Rodrigo Duterte.
It's just a pity Duterte got this far.
As for Telstra and other Australian telcos using the Philippines for their call centres, we now don't care what they do. They are going to lose everybody's personal data anyway so the telcos can dig their own grave as Rodrigo would say.

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