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19 Nov 2016

How The Emirates Melbourne Cup Legalises Rape

G'day Aussies. Ever notice the 'Emirates Melbourne Cup' is never promoted by the Emirates rulers even though they own the airline and sponsor the race? The reason is they don't want dumb-as-a-brick Aussies to know this is another Moslem-Totalitarian-Sharia Law incursion into Australian culture. The Emirates usually hire a Brit front man to do the media. Fact is the Emirates is a Sharia Law dictatorship controlled by just one family.

 UK woman charged in Dubai after reporting her own rape

by Lin Taylor
London: The family of a British woman arrested in Dubai for reporting her own rape has launched an online appeal, urging the public and the UK government to help negotiate her release.
The British woman was charged for having extramarital sex after she reported her own rape to police, according to UK-based legal advocacy group Detained in Dubai.
The case has revealed a persistent and deep-rooted prejudice against women in the Gulf state, rights groups say.

"The authorities continue to fail survivors of such violence by treating women who have been raped as criminals, instead of investigating and prosecuting suspected perpetrators," Drewery Dyke, from Amnesty International, said on Friday.

He urged authorities to do more to eliminate violence against women across the United Arab Emirates (UAE), including among tourists and migrant workers.

The news has made the front pages and raised questions about the judicial system in the Gulf state, which lures large numbers of expatriates and tourists with a Western lifestyle.
Radha Stirling, founder and director of Detained in Dubai, said the treatment of rape victims in the UAE "tremendously disturbing".
"The UAE has a long history of penalising rape victims," she said.

"Victims go to (the police) expecting justice, and end up being prosecuted. They not only invalidate their victimisation, they actually punish them for it."
"It is still not safe for victims to report these crimes to the police without the risk of suffering a double punishment."

The woman's passport has been confiscated, Ms Stirling said, and she may face trial where punishments can include imprisonment and flogging.
The woman's family said she was on holiday at the time and had been planning to travel on to Australia when she was reportedly raped by two British men in Dubai, one of the seven emirates that make up the UAE.

"Please help my daughter, she is being held in a prison cell in a foreign country for up to one year if we can't bail her out," the family wrote on a fundraising website.
The family said they were targeting £25,000 ($41,600) to cover the woman's legal costs. As of Friday, they had raised more than £13,700 ($28,800).

The Britain's Foreign Office confirmed the incident and said they were "supporting a British woman in relation to this case and will remain in contact with her family."
Ms Stirling said the alleged attackers have since returned to the UK without any charges.

The victim's father said the two men accused of the rape filmed the incident – which took place in a hotel room – on a mobile phone.
In 2008, Australian woman Alicia Gali was charged after reporting her own rape. She served eight months of a one-year prison sentence. 

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