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6 Oct 2016

If Malaysians Are So 'Culturally Sensitive' Why Host The Grand Prix?

Australians spend 4 days in jail and then acquitted. Totalitarian Malaysians over-react again.
There is a huge contradiction with the corrupt nation of Malaysia arresting 9 Australians for celebrating Daniel Ricciardos' Malaysian GP win last week.

Free The Budgie Nine
They were promoting the Malaysian GP by wearing swimwear with the national flag. So what? This is just diversionary rubbish from Malaysia in our view. They don't have an issue with corrupt dictator Najib siphoning billions of 1MDB cash into his own filthy bank account, or blowing up a pregnant foreign national with plastic explosives do they?
Wake-up Malaysia. The rest of the World doesn't care about your state-sponsored pilgrimages, your environmental ecocide or you rampant corruption.
If you don't like Formula 1 then take-up camel racing with your extremist Saudi friends.
In our opinion, Malaysia is a dysfunctional, quasi religious state that must be avoided at all costs by civilised visitors.
The contradiction is that inward-looking Malaysians want to maintain some vague Malay national identity while slavishly imitating the Riviera F1 lifestyle on stolen taxpayers money.
The message in Australia is clear. 'Don't ever set foot in Malaysia. Avoid Malaysia'.

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