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25 Sept 2016

'Mosques are part of the Australian suburban landscape' True Or False?

We were shocked to read in both The Conversation and The Guardian that 'Mosques are part of the Australian suburban landscape'. We think the article is one-sided and appears to promote a theology that is causing many serious and on-going problems around the world.
Sure, not every Muslim kidnaps schoolgirls and bombs their own people, but why seek to expand your religion when you can't maintain law and order among your existing followers? Do Muslim adherents seriously not understand why Australians do not want Sharia Law in our country?

Apparently there are about as many Muslims as Buddhists in Australia, so you could say 'Buddhist temples are part of the Australian suburban landscape'. It's not true and nobody is saying it. Are all our phone calls, SMS's and emails tracked because of Buddhists? Are we scanned at airports because of Buddhists? No. Lets have some honesty in this massive erosion of our personal freedoms?

Above is an early Mecca-facing Mosque in Australia built by a cameleer.  Camaleers only really operated in Australia between 1860 and 1900.
They filled the void for desert transport in preindustrial Australia and eventually they were gone. Unfortunately their camels remain in large numbers as ferals and are doing significant damage to the desert landscape.

There were cultural issues back then that the 'Australian Mosque' article failed to report. 'simmering tensions between Afghan cameleers and European bullock teamsters escalated to the point where the cameleers were openly demonised in the press and accused of various acts of aggression, including monopolising and befouling waterholes'. (From a Commonwealth history website)

We want more tolerance in the world but tolerance is a two-way street. Call me an 'infidel' and then tell me I'm 'intolerant' eh? Articles written by possible converts to Islam who are often funded by the taxpayer is not a level playing field for the average Australian. We feel our over-zealous and disconnected politicians have written laws that stifle free speech in Australia and this political correctness is being ruthlessly exploited by those who seek to change the Australian way of life.

Let's try to be honest about religion for a change?
Religions are nearly always based on illusions and they operate as rackets to create wealth for the priests and clergy. Often these same clergy are sexually abusing children and violating other people's human rights. Just because many people become 'conditioned' or 'programmed' by so-called 'religion' doesn't mean the rest of us need to live in the Middle Ages. If the Muslim countries of the world are so successful, and we believe they are not, then why not build more mosques there?
Could our world be a better place if more people identified 'science' as their 'religion'? We say 'yes'. This planet really couldn't get much worse than it is now. So much for the over-educated and devout who have made life a misery for the rest of us and are working flat-out to externalise their ridiculous 'apocalypse' brainwashing.

Shot dead for sharing a cartoon on Facebook.  We have technology, social media and people living in the stone age.

Sixty per cent of Australians would be concerned if a relative married a Muslim.

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