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21 Jul 2016

MH370 - We've Been Looking In the Wrong Place WTF?

Today we read the Dutch company hired to locate the wreck of Malaysian Airlines MH370 admits they have been looking in the wrong place.
"MH370 disappeared in March 2014 with 239 passengers and crew aboard en route to Beijing from Kuala Lumpur. Searchers led by engineering group Fugro have been combing an area roughly the size of Greece for two years."
It appears the aircraft may have been gliding for up to another 200kms, possibly under human control.
This raises some interesting questions about the role Australia played in what is a Malaysian domestic issue. Australia is spending well over $1billion a year on so called 'intelligence' yet have failed to notice that Malaysian PM Razak Najib is a thief and murderer who is leading one of the most corrupt nations on Earth. Sleepwalking Australian politicians from both major parties carry-on as if Malaysian corruption is completely normal. Malaysia is not a normal country and the Australians onboard MH370 should have been warned how pathetic Malaysia is. The Malaysian government was the majority owner of Malaysian Airlines when MH370 disappeared.
Of the 239 passengers aboard the doomed flight only 6 were Australians. That's 2.5% of the passenger list yet Australia under Tony Abbott became a key player and financier of the search. So far the search has cost $180million making it the most expensive in aviation history.
The Australian government travel advisor Smarttraveller currently warns of 'piracy' in the Singapore Straits, blissfully unaware that the Malaysian government is itself involved in the massive piracy of the entire country's wealth. Just Google '1MDB' to see what we mean? So much for Australia even having an 'intelligence community' if they are so out of touch with reality they are enticing Australian travelers to their deaths on board tin-pot airlines like Malaysia's. Three months ago Byron Bailey at the Australian predicted the plane had overshot the search area. He also invoked corruption in Malaysia. In his words 'Perhaps the ­Malaysian Prime Minister could donate some of the $US681 million ($884m) mysteriously ­deposited into his personal bank accounts to the cost of the search for which the Australian taxpayer is funding an excessive amount?'
Happy Birthday Razak Najib.
The fact is Najib and his racially-based Malay UMNO Party has countless domestic and foreign enemies. Any one of scores of groups or individuals have it in for the thieving cartel running Malaysia and especially Sarawak. Najib was closely implicated in the brutal murder of Mongolian translator Shaariibuugiin Altantuyaa who was blown to pieces with C4 plastic explosives while pregnant.
Some of Najib's most dubious work involves massive kickbacks from Saudi Arabia involving the alleged control of ISIS. This is international organised crime at it's worst and the truth is probably that the Saudis and Najib are funding ISIS. Saturday 23 is Najib's birthday. Hopefully he won't have too many more to come.
To Australian intelligence organisations. Stop protecting corrupt operatives like Taib and Najib and work out who is really funding Islamic State.
Search to be 'suspended' or is that 'abandoned'? July 22 2016

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