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7 Jun 2016

IFA President Rob de Fegely Appointed Chair of Forestry Tasmania

de Fegely
Logging industry insider and President of the Institute of Foresters Australia (IFA) Rob de Fegely has been appointed chair of Forestry Tasmania (FT). The appointment will be a continuation of the cronyism at FT and also the systematic environmental degradation of Tasmania. FT is a free-form, quasi-government organisation that runs at a loss. FT works to 'sterilise' Tasmania's forests with slash and burn log extraction to supply the Asian Timber Mafia-controlled Ta Ann with immature 'peeler billets'. They also used the worlds best carbon storing forests as wood chips for the insatiable Asian pulp market. De Fegely will continue the corrupt relationships while striving to green wash FT with FSC certification. There could even be 'inducements' for de Fegely from the Taib cartel if he pulls-off full FSC for the Sarawak palm oil crooks. Rob is in creepy company on the IFA board with ex-Forestry Tasmania ancient tree-killer Bob Gordon and his right hand man Hans Drielsma keeping him company.
The IFA's main crime in 2016 is the destruction of the Great Barrier Reef by changing Australia's climate. There is no difference between carbon released from trees and from coal which is just fossilised trees. The IFA were asked to explain the difference but failed to respond.

From the Mercury Forestry Tasmania has a new chairman, Forestry Minister Peter Gutwein announced this morning.
Almost six months after former Forestry boss Bob Annels stepped down, Mr Gutwein has announced Rob de Fegely has assumed the role.
“Mr de Fegely has 36 years of experience in the Australian forestry industry,” Mr Gutwein said.
“Mr de Fegely is a co-chair of the Commonwealth Government’s Forest Industry Advisory Council and national president of the Institute of Foresters of Australia, a past director of VicForests, and was previously the non-executive chairman of Cape York Timber.
“Mr de Fegely is a registered professional forester and has a bachelor of science degree from the Australian National University and master of science (forest business management) from Aberdeen University in the UK.”
Mr Gutwein said Mr de Fegely had extensive project and consulting experience with both Government and corporate clients throughout Australia and New Zealand and had travelled and worked extensively throughout Asia and North America.

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