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4 Feb 2016

Lambie Calls On Australian Of The Year Morrison To Resign Over Military Abuse

from smh
Independent Senator Jacqui Lambie has made a dramatic call for former Army chief David Morrison to step down as Australian of the Year, claiming he has helped cover up abuse in the military.
In a speech to Parliament on Tuesday night, Senator Lambie raised two long-running cases involving former soldiers who claim to have suffered abuse and said retired General Morrison had been involved in covering up both.
Australian Federal Police officers visited Senator Lambie's office on Wednesday in response to her speech.

One case was SAS Trooper Evan Donaldson, who says he was sexually and physically assaulted, and then had his records manipulated to falsely show he had never actually qualified for the SAS.
The second was former officer Marcus Saltmarsh, whose rifle discharged accidentally in East Timor, killing his friend and fellow soldier Corporal Stuart Jones.
Retired Lieutenant Saltmarsh was cleared by a court-martial but claims he was sent 28 photos of Corporal Jones' autopsy in an effort to intimidate him.
Senator Lambie said General Morrison "should resign from his Australian of the Year position" over these cases and "his appalling advocacy for ordinary diggers and veterans".
A spokesman for the AFP said: "The AFP can confirm it has received a letter from Senator Jacqui Lambie regarding a number of matters.
"As a result, two AFP members attended Senator Lambie's Parliament House office today.
"The AFP will continue to liaise with Senator Lambie's office regarding the issues raised."
This story broke on the same day as an ex-Australian Governor General Peter Hollingworth made another apology for his failure to report pedophiles operating in the Anglican Church. Hollingworth called his own actions 'misguided and wrong'. Hollingworth who resigned as Governor General over his mishandling of sexual abuse in the church was appointed by NeoCon Freemason John Howard.

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