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25 Nov 2015

The Catholic Church Should Not Have Tax-Exempt Religious Status

Previously IT has called for the Moslem 'religion' to lose it's tax-exempt status due it's use of extreme violence to propagate it's idiotic message.
Now we are calling for the Catholic Church in Australia to be no longer regarded as a 'religion' due to their systematic sexual abuse of children.
Yesterday we read that just the Catholic 'archdiocese' of Melbourne has paid $16.8 million in compensation to 454 victims over 35 years. So how many Australians in total were sexually abused by the Catholic Church over the same period? And why is the Australian taxpayer essentially funding the sexual abuse of children using the church's tax-deductible, tax-free religious status? We note that while the brain-dead Liberal government wages endless Jihads against Centrelink welfare recipients, they happily allow catholics to rape children at taxpayers expense.
When you put together the contradictory policies of the Turnbull government, you realise they have no hope of defeating religious extremism while they are bankrupting the nation by funding it.

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