14 Oct 2015

Brandis's 'Gulag Australia' Starts Now

A reminder to readers that Attorney General Brandis's 'metadata retention' scheme started yesterday. (13 October 2015)
Ostensibly to protect Australians from the extremists that Brandis's government have allowed into the country, expect to see your internet bills increase as ISP's pass on the cost of retaining metadata for 2 years.
We thought we would celebrate this dark milestone in the life of our once-free nation by re-releasing the Brandis metadata for snail mail graphic.
Interesting that the only unmonitored communication system in Australia today is the one operated by George Brandis's government - Australia Post?

                            Is George Brandis Australia's biggest voyeur?
Not as bad as you thought....or worse?
There is an article on gizmodo called 'Everything You've Been Told About Data Retention Is Wrong'.
Tech Lance McDonald says no web browsing history is retained. What is retained however, is the destination of all emails you send, all SMS and all phone calls. This means the government is able to build up relationship profiles of Australians - your 'social networks' if you like. We still don't know if this email snooping extends to Gmail and online Outlook. We'll let you know when we know. Will this regime be extended in the future? Some of the comments on Lance's article think so. 

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