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11 Sept 2015

'Team Psychopath' Laughing About Rising Sea Levels

Todays recording of a conversation between Border Protection Minister Dutton and PM Abbott by an unnoticed boom mic reveals the inner dynamics of Tony Abbott's 'Team Psychopath'.

They didn't want you to see this exchange because it cracks the carefully-crafted fa├žade that hides a government run by psychopaths. Abbott actually thinks Pacific Islanders being slowly drowned by climate change is funny. When we last looked Australia was the world's fourth coal largest producer. An industry that has bribed the Abbott government with donations.
This cabinet dynamic reveals a PM happily entertained by jokes about other people's misfortune. An up and coming Minister who knows how to reach the PM's inhuman psyche. Pushing Abbott's pleasure button.
We have noticed the compounding effect a number of psychopaths have on each other in the Abbott Ministry. The peer influence is to strengthen and validate each others primitive, self-centred outlook.
These people need a lot more than Peta Credlin to run their show. They need professional help. Many of the Abbott Government are accomplished psychopaths with years of blood sport to their names. The Iraq 'no WMD' and the Afghanistan 'non victory' are two examples of how these psychopaths nurture fear in Australia and then present themselves as 'protectors'. 
One boom mic has gone a small way towards cracking that Neo-Con illusion.
Final Word. Scott Morrison actually seemed mature compared to those childish pterodactyls that just happen to be running the country.

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