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20 Sept 2015

Can Turnbull Save Australia's Economy From Permanent Stagnation?

Malcolm Turnbull has changed most ministers in the Australian Cabinet but as Bill Shorten points out 'he hasn't changed any policy'. And this is something he will have to do if he doesn't want to sleepwalk into financial lethargy as the nation treads water keeping-up with debt repayments.

It's the same challenge facing all modern economies today. (except Norway) We say that further globalisation and robotics are not the solution but are how we got the problem in the first place. Does anyone seriously believe prosperity can only be achieved globally, and we just need a free trade agreement with every nation on Earth in order to prosper? We don't think that is the solution.
Look at the old Holdens in the graphic above? These were Australia's glory years. We had real freedom, we didn't have fucked-up kids with food allergies on the autism spectrum. We had jobs, in manufacturing no less. Now we elect an endless parade of conformist politicians pandering to Maoist China for their next economic fix, while their sons and daughters buy all the ice Communist China can ship in. We need to ignore the rest of the world for a change and become a 'self-sufficient Australia' until we are ready to trade from a position of power and surplus. At least we have got rid of that terrible foreign-born PM Abbott and his neo-con posse of right-wing nutjobs.
Turnbull may be a smooth operator but we need more than cocktail party ego plays to get our nation back on track. We need to understand how our original people survived for 40,000 years while we are struggling to get to 250!
Colonial Britain were the major liability for Australia as they were for much of the world. They exported small-minded bureaucracy, petty crooks and genocide to Australia and this needs to be officially acknowledged. Our history must be treated sensibly and humanly because modern Australians did not take part in the forced invasion of Australia and the genocide of peoples such as the Tasmanian Aboriginals.
But somebody did, and those people never faced justice. Their descendants still live with the guilt. Our modern systems are run by the descendants of criminals. We need to de-Anglophile our education system and learn the truth of how Britain caused decades of war in Palestine and set-up unstable, corrupt regimes like Malaysia. Why were we used as 'cannon fodder' by Churchill at Gallipoli in 1915? Why were we even trying to invade Turkey? Our so-called 'heritage' is built on gross stupidity and criminal activities.
If we really are 'going global' as the Liberal Party suggests, then why not reformat our education system to include a completely 'international' point of view rather than just a narrow Victorian-era world view?

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Anonymous said...

Turnbull is no different to any other deluded ideologue and when you add he's a god nutter, all that will happen under his control, is to continue down the road to obliteration.

Globalisation is the death knell for ideological society and Turnbull is just another cloned empty headed ideological elite, no intelligence, no understanding of reality and no ability to take this country into the future.