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31 Aug 2015

Liberal Theft Scandal - Who Knew What And When

Left Damien Mantach. Became director of the Tasmanian Liberal Party in August 2005 after working for shadowy 'dirt unit' Government Members Secretariat (GMS). By March 2008 he had spent $48k of party cash on a credit card. Currently being investigated for stealing $1.5 million of Victorian Liberal branch funds.
Right Dale Archer. Ex-president of Tas Liberals, husband of current speaker Elise Archer. May have discovered the original amount and may have sacked Mantach. Informed Will Hodgman and Eric Abetz.  Also alerted Federal director Brian Loughnane (husband of Abbotts Chief of Staff Peta Credlin). Archer then covered-up the Mantach credit card issue by telling the party 'The Tasmanian division is in excellent shape and Damien is to be congratulated for his positive contribution'.

Left Eric Abetz. Was informed in 2008 but didn't ask how much was involved, or if Mantach resigned or was sacked. Made no attempt to find out although kept entire dossiers on disgraced union official Craig Thompson.
Right Premier Will Hodgman. Informed in 2008 but not how the debt was incurred. Didn't ask. Doesn't appear to know if Mantach was sacked or resigned.

Left Sam McQuestin. Current state director, he was also branch treasurer that allegedly covered-up Mantach's overspending in 2008.  McQuestin retrospectively altered the parties 2008 Electoral Commission disclosure to explain the lost $48k. Apologises for an 'administrative oversight'.
Middle Tony Abbott. His response 'bomb Syria'?
Right Brian Loughnane. Husband of Abbott's chief of staff. Informed of Mantach's over-spending and termination on March 6 2008 by Dale Archer. Loughnane then helped appointed Mantach director of the Victorian Liberal Party.


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