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22 Apr 2015

Nigerian 24 Hour Death Disease Caused By Herbicide

We saw a media flurry this week about a 'mystery' disease that kills victims within 24 hours.
This story was quickly dropped when it was revealed the likely cause was weedkiller.
The big media outlets would not dare print the brandname of a big spending advertiser like Monsanto whose glysophate herbicide 'Roundup' is the worlds most used herbicide.
It may have been a herbicide made by another big manufacturer like Syngenta or Bayer.
How the herbicide killed so many Nigerians in such a short time is still unknown.
Roundup was blamed for widespread kidney disease among South American sugar cane cutters last year.
We have now been told Monsanto knew Roundup was carcinogenic for the last 35 years.

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