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23 Jan 2015

Tasmania's Corporate Defamation Law - Time To Defame Liberal Politicians Instead?

Attorney General Goodwin has announced the Libs will be winding-back corporate defamation law in Tasmania to allow global corporations to use their unlimited funds to bankrupt the people she represents. This proves she represents corporations over he own electorate. They all do.
Last used unsuccessfully by Gunns, a company of white collar criminals to frighten-off conservationists, corporate defamation shows how mentally-challenged the Tasmanian Libs really are.

2015 looks like being a big year here at IT and we will are opposing the ideas of these imbeciles head-on. We suspect Eric Abetz is behind this 'right wing' policy as he tinkers in the margins of a failed system crippled by a bullshit 19th century Constitution. The problem conservatives have is they can never change fundamentals, they can only stage act leadership and carry-out public relations skirmishes against people with a conscience, a set of morals, or who care about the future of the planet. Even if Ta Ann and KordaMentha sued tens of thousands of Australian voters the Liberal system will still be f*cked and they will still be drowning in trillion$ of debt.
Endless religious wars just to keep the Liberals extremist bible bashing demographic happy have cost the rest of us billion$.

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