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15 Sept 2014

Gilmour Resigns To Work For Hodgman

Comment. Launceston Examiner deputy editor Barry Prismall was chief of staff for Liberal Senator Guy Barnett and now editor Martin Gilmour has left to work for Premier Hodgman. This editorial team dished-up decades of the most one-sided political commentary imaginable. They pandered to Neanderthal elements of the interbred, convict-descended Tasmanian demographic. In our view Gilmour and Prismall represent the lowest form of journalism possible. Even the Advocate outclasses the Examiner and it's published in the same office! Gilmour and Prismall have succeeded in creating a basket-case economy in an intellectual backwater of this great nation.
Gilmour's advice to Hodgman will be as worthless as the dumbed-down, chip wrapper journalism he excelled in.

The Examiner's editor Martin Gilmour has resigned to take up a position with the state government.
Gilmour, 53, has been with The Examiner for 36 years, the past four as editor.
He has been appointed as a senior advisor to Premier Will Hodgman, based in Launceston, and will begin on September 29.
The Examiner's general manager Phil Leersen said that Gilmour would immediately step away from editorial decisions and complete some administrative details before leaving on Friday.
The editorial team will be led by deputy editors Mark Baker and Barry Prismall while a replacement is recruited.
Mr Leersen paid tribute to Gilmour's leadership during a period of significant change in the media industry.
'Martin is to be commended for growing The Examiner's audience, reach and relevance.
He has led a news team which understands the importance of delivering news that matters to its audience and delivering it ways they want to receive it.
He has also proven to be a strong voice and advocate for the North, raising issues and seeking collaboration of all stakeholders and levels of government to find solutions that ensures the community reaches its full potential.'
The Premier Will Hodgman said that under Gilmour's editorship The Examiner won PANPA Newspaper of the Year and that he brings a wealth of experience and knowledge about the issues impacting on Northern Tasmania.

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