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10 Aug 2014

Abbott Increases Retirement Age So We Can Search For Other People's Planes?

'Ten Pond Pom' Tony Abbott has increased the retirement age for Australians and put financial pressure on the disabled. Why? So we can search for a missing plane owned by a corrupt country like Malaysia.
Fugro Equator
Australia has already spent hundreds of millions of dollars  searching for MH370 and Abbott has now awarded a $56 million contract to Dutch company Fugro to continue searching for MH370. Notice how the government websites don't mention the cost to the taxpayer, but independent websites do? Tony Abbott is also trying to cover-up the fact Australia had been bribing the Malaysian Prime Minister. Was MH370 insured and if not why not? Did insurance cover recovery of the plane? Why isn't Malaysia paying to search for it's own plane? These questions do not appear to have been asked by Abbott and his team of bumbling half-wits like Warren Truss. Abbott is more interesting in media exposure than achieving results. His intervention into the shooting-down of MH17 in the Ukraine has ended in the search being abandoned. 

Of course the search for other peoples planes is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Abbott holding any allegiance to his adopted country. We are convinced Abbott's orders come from Washington and Buckingham Palace and that he is only PM to exploit Australia. Who can we sell some dud jet fighters to? Tony Abbott of course. Who will slow down their already slow internet speeds so Hollywood studios can make more money? Tony Abbott again. Who will pay for another 'royal' tour by a family of hereditary monarchs wallowing in nepotism? Abbott will for sure. Meanwhile Abbott ignores an out of control ebola epidemic and the melting of the earth's permafrost that has caused irreversible climate change. Keep an eye on Tony Abbott? He is a disaster in motion.                                        

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