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7 May 2014

Why Is Tony Abbott Selling Uranium To Moslem Extremists?

Sharia Law is on a collision course with civilisation - Tony Abbott is arming religious extremists.
When the Taliban came to power in Afghanistan in 1994 only 3 countries of the world recognised them. They were Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The mainly tribal Pashtun Taliban first appeared in religious seminaries or madrassas financed by Saudi Arabia and the UAE and their goal was to establish Sharia Islamic law in Afghanistan and Pakistan. That means public executions of murderers and adulterers and amputations for those guilty of theft. The Taliban banned TV, movies and music and stopped girls from attending school.

The madrassas goal was to recruit children from poor families and indoctrinate them into hardline Sunni Islam. The UAE has been continually identified as funding madrassas in Afghanistan and Pakistan, including in diplomatic emails leaked by Wikileaks.
The insane and primitive practice of preventing girls from attending schools gained international attention with the attempted murder of Malala Yousafzal and the recent kidnapping of over 200 schoolgirls in Nigeria by Al-Qaeda linked Islamic extremists.
Just on a year ago, an Australian woman was gang raped in Dubai. After being treated in hospital, Alicia Gall was imprisoned for 8 months under the UAE's Neanderthal Sharia Law because she was the victim of a pack rape.
We know Tony Abbott said he would do anything to be Prime Minister of Australia but we didn't know he would sell anything to anybody, and that includes religious extremists permanently locked in the dark ages. The same people that supported the 'enemy' in the longest war Australia has ever been involved in.
So what's Tony Abbott's problem? Is he a psychopath? Abbott appears to have no concern for Australia's international reputation and long-term security. Tony Abbott allows religious extremists to live tax-free in Australia, even if that means sending sick and elderly Australians to work in the uranium mines for his Sharia extremist friends in the UAE.
Above - national traitor Andrew Robb signing over radioactive material to the Sharia law extremists that fought Australia for 12 years in Afghanistan. This was our longest war and we have capitulated by agreeing to supply them with radioactive material. How can Australia ensure ALL of this uranium is used for 'peaceful purposes'? Is establishing madrassas to impose Sharia law really a peaceful purpose? Australia is now electing people we describe as 'clinical psychopaths' like Tony Abbott into power. Sunnis are using advanced weapons against the Shiites in Syria, a war Abbott childishly called 'baddies v baddies' but how long before the Sunni's use nuclear weapons against other nations such as Israel or even Australia?

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