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12 Dec 2013

Nobody Wanted To Release Their Report On Friday The 13th

The big released of Thursday December 12 was Minister Turnbulls 'strategic plan on the NBN'. No surprises here - the rollout is late, very late and costly, too costly. The review by NBN Co, Boston Consulting and KordaMentha found the original NBN would have cost $72.6 billion and not the reported $44.1 billion. They were only $29 billion out. It would also raise $13 billion to $14 billion less than previously expected and would be delivered three years late.
Now using a mix of old and new technologies, the 'conservative' NBN will no longer deliver the speeds of 25 Mb/sec by 2016 promised by Turnbull. Downsize? Looks like it. Oh yes, and Malcolm also laughed off the revelation that he and the reports author own a boat together.
Press conference but who is on the wall?
The next report was from unemployed ex-Labor apparatchik Martin Ferguson on how many nitens and bluegum trees are in Tasmania. This vital piece of information had somehow been lost during complex foreplay involving the Wilderness Society and the Forest Industries Association of Tasmania. It's 1/4 million hectares according to Ferguson but this is likely to be a huge exaggeration. Nearly all on private land and most of it for sale by bankrupt MIS schemes, Ferguson still hails taxpayer-funded MIS ponzi schemes a success. No wonder he is reduced to working in a backwater for a failed government. The real reason for Fergusons report was to shore-up the Giddings-Green-Hodgman push for a pulp mill in Tasmania wouldn't you have guessed? Ferguson found the economic laws that apply to Ford, Holden, Qantas and RioTinto do not apply to anybody from anywhere prepared to buy a vacant block in the Tamar Valley and spend $4 billion dollars to manufacture wood pulp.
There was another release today. All the submissions to the Tasmanian government's review into a GMO moratorium were also put-up on a government site. If you are not too time-constrained check out the Forestry Tasmania submission? Although these nutjobs operate at a loss, are trying to gain FSC certification by not having GM trees, their submission actually calls for the ban to be eventually lifted. What are they talking about and why?

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