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29 Oct 2013

Bob Carr Attends Bizarre Satanic Ritual On Taxpayer Funds

Some stories transcend mere politics don't they? Like Henry Kissinger inviting Australia's then Foreign Minister Bob Carr to attend the annual Bohemian Grove all-male forest camp-out and simulated human sacrifice in front of a giant owl reputedly named Moloch. Incredibly, Australia's Foreign Minister agreed and the rest is....well, we're scratching our heads as well. What the hell was Carr thinking? Was all this Satanism classed as 'official business'? Thank fuck somebody else won the last election. Anybody. At least Julie Bishop will never get to prance around in a forest in the buff witnessing the 'Cremation of Care' ritual where some dark power removes all our worldly worries. Every last one of them. Maybe one of the 'cares' Carr was trying to exorcise was being named in the Wikileaks files as a US spy. Then we start paying Carr to represent on behalf of Australian citizens like Julian Assange for fuck sake. All the while Carr was making excuses for the US reading everybody on the planet's emails and listening to their phone calls. What a dark, Satanic chapter in Australia's history when a Celtic PM called Gillard uses Wikileaks as a character reference to select Australia's next Foreign Minister because he is already a foreign spy? These people flunked primary school surely, but here they are trying to run an entire continent? Thank God for people outside the Pentagram like Alex Jones of Infowars for sneaking a camera into this fucked-up bullshit. Will Bob Carr ever live this down? We hope not.
UPDATE. CARR OUTS BEAZLEY - THEY ATTENDED SATANIC RITUAL ON DEPARTMENTAL ADVICE? If you are that interested in these Labor half-wits then you can read Carrs response to Peter Harcher's expose here.

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