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30 Sept 2013

Deputy Premier Of Tasmania In Football Brawl

From the Examiner
A Northern Midlands councillor is alleging Deputy Premier Bryan Green hit him during an altercation at the MCG during Saturday's AFL grand final.
Cr Ian Goninon, who is also president of South Launceston Football Club and Mr Green were in the stands for the match between Hawthorn and Fremantle.
Witnesses have told The Examiner that Cr Goninon was making jibes throughout the match, prompting Mr Green, who was sitting in the row in front, to eventually turn around and respond.
The Examiner understands there was a short heated verbal exchange and a physical struggle broke out during which Mr Green pushed Cr Goninon back into his seat. Cr Goninon was said to have suffered a bloodied nose.
Cr Goninon is, however, alleging Mr Green went further.
He was tight-lipped yesterday, but when asked if Mr Green had punched him in response to comments he made criticising the state's deal with Hawthorn, he said: "I'm seeking legal advice and I don't want to say anything at this stage, but that is correct."
Ground security led Cr Goninon away, leaving Mr Green to watch the final minutes of the game. It's unclear if Cr Goninon was ejected or chose not to return to his seat.
Witnesses spoken to by The Examiner confirmed Mr Green shoved Cr Goninon, but did not see any punches thrown.
A government spokesman confirmed there was an incident involving Mr Green and another person in the crowd.
"There was constant abuse, harassment and obnoxious behaviour towards spectators. Security was subsequently called and they took the man away," the spokesman said.

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