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11 Sept 2013

Abbott's Plan For Tasmania -The Pulp Mill

It took 2 terms or 6 years for Labor to descend into the vortex of ego battles that allowed the conservatives to stroll into power. The Libs are back for a continuation of the Howard era. With a different administration a different set of cronies are invoked. The Libs have an 'Economic Growth Plan for Tasmania' they claim will 'reset' the state. Obviously the union-controlled Rudd-Gillard-Rudd administration hadn't discovered a reset button on Tasmania. The Libs will set-up a 'Tasmanian Major Projects Approval Agency' in Launceston to 'act as a one-stop-shop for new major projects requiring any Commonwealth approvals'. Won't that save a lot of emails to Canberra in the quest for a rubber stamp from bureaucrats falling over themselves to tick-off anything that walks thru the door? More likely they will fly-in from OS ready to exploit Australia. Of course the only 'major project' in Launceston is the 7 year old failed attempt by Gunns to build a pulp mill. Within days of the Coalition win we are contacted by the 'Industry Capability Network' or ICN. We haven't heard from this covert pulp mill cheer squad since Howard got the boot. Today we learn Senator Richard Colbeck will now only be a Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Agriculture Barnaby Joyce after being wooed by FSC-Australia and invited to their board meeting. Colbeck will be out to rape as much of Tasmania as possible while ensuring FSC certification for Forestry Tasmania and all of their hangers-on like Ta Ann. Luckily FSC Australia excels in rewarding the destruction of native animals and forests thanks to some compliant and submissive 'environmentalists' like TWS, ACF and ET. Abbott won't be in a hurry to improve the Tasmanian economy until after March 2014. The last thing he wants to do is create a healthy business environment for Lara Giddings to bask in and take the credit for.

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