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8 Apr 2013

Totalitarian Dictator To Visit Tasmania

China's President Xi Jinping wants to visit Tasmania. Xi Jinping reportedly told Prime Minister Gillard yesterday that Tasmania  would be a priority for his next Australian trip as he had visited every other state. Ms Gillard had her first official meeting with President Xi yesterday on the sidelines of the Boao Forum for Asia on the Chinese resort island of Hainan.
Premier Lara Giddings, who last year led a trade mission to China and has just announced the opening of a trade office in the Chinese city of Shanghai, last night welcomed President Xi's statement. `It is a tremendous honour that President Xi Jinping sees it as a priority to visit Tasmania,' Giddings said.
OPINION. We don't want this unelected dictator here. China is a totalitarian country that does not hold elections and uses North Korea as a 'buffer state'. China has thousands of Laogai or forced labour camps throughout the country. See map below.
 It is estimated that in the last fifty years, more than 50 million people have been sent to laogai camps. Laogai is distinguished from laojiao, or re-education through labor, which is an administrative detention for a person who is not a criminal but has committed minor offences, and is intended to reform offenders into law-abiding citizens. Persons detained under laojiao are detained in facilities that are separate from the general prison system of laogai. Both systems, however, involve penal labour.
Giddings and Gillard are fools to host this human rights abuser and dictator.

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