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27 Apr 2013

How The Tasmanian Forest Agreement Was Crippled

As a mark of respect we did not to post articles until after Bob McMahon's funeral. Bob's death coincided with the passing of the amended Tasmanian Forest Agreement Bill in the upper house. This is how it happened:
April 16 mid-afternoon. The Mulder Amendments to Clause 16 of the TFA Bill passed 8 votes to 5.
For: Wilkinson, Finch, Armitage, Valentine, Mulder, Taylor, Gaffney, Farrell
Against: Goodwin, Harriss, Hall, Dean, Rattray Absent: Forrest
April 17 late afternoon. The now amended TFA Bill passed the Upper House at 4.30pm passed 7 votes to 5.
For: Finch, Armitage, Valentine, Mulder, Taylor, Gaffney, Farrell
Against: Wilkinson, Goodwin,  Hall, Dean, Rattray
Absent: Forrest (Forrest's vote 'for' was paired with Harriss's vote 'against' therefore neither voted)
[Note: The pairing was probably a token gesture and would not have changed the majority of MLCs that voted for the amended TFA bill.] Thanks to David Obendorf for recording the voting. The amended bill was passed by the same people who wanted the original bill passed but this time with the addition of Mulder, Taylor and Wilkinson. They were originally opposed to it. Wilkinson then went back across the chamber and opposed the final bill along with the four who were opposing it all along. In the 4 months the bill spent in the Legislative Council there was little change from the original support or opposition to the bill. The pairing gesture of Paul Harriss and Ruth Forrest was dubious in our view. How can Forrest represent Murchison from Europe? Despite of what she said the vote of Adriana Taylor was crucial. By supporting it she ensured the Liberal-aligned team had to weaken it as much as possible which is what the Mulder amendments did. Strangely the Labor-aligned councillors agreed to the now crippled bill. Pictures. Top - Harriss watched by Pullinger and Edwards. Below - Goodwin watched by Drielsma and Calvert.

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